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Support Hunters. East Tasty Meat.

Local Legends is completely dedicated to one singular mission...

Making your waterfowl, big game and domestic meats legendary.

Here at Local Legends, our mission is to enhance the overall enjoyment of the hunting experience, not only for sportsmen, but also for their families and those they share their harvest with. 

Perfected by four generations of American Sportsmen who took great pride in sharing the celebration of a feast with family and friends. 

If you're ready to be legendary in your neighborhood, check out local legends marinades today!

Legendary Venison

Looking for something to make the most out of the venison you worked so hard for? Don't trust your hard work to just any seasonings. Local Legends Big Game marinade is perfect for getting the most from your deer and elk steaks!


Marinades are a dime a dozen. I have a pantry shelf full of them and most have essentially the same ingredients for their intended purpose. That being said Local Legend Marinades are by far the best I have tried and have become my go to. Their trio is a must have in the arsenal of any BBQer. This big game marinade is fantastic on steaks, burgers and roasts, I've even used it chicken.

Mike K.